Childhood at the drive

Baby's transport in FastDaddyShopChildren's transport is a rather large group of goods. There comes a time in every child's life when he outgrows the stroller. There is a need for new entertainment, impressions related to various types of activity. If your baby refuses to sit still during a walk, constantly spins and tries to get out of the stroller by any means, it's time to buy another vehicle. Children will be happy to learn the novelty, and the task of parents is to choose the right model and ensure traffic safety. Important criteria are the design of the product and its suitability for the child's age.

The key to a happy childhood

Each of the proposed options has its own characteristics and advantages. For convenience, we will divide the models into groups taking into account compliance with the child's physical development: For the smallest. We suggest starting with two simple options - a pushchair and a bicycle with a parent's handle.

Bikes, Trikes, Scooters in FastDaddyShopRide on is an excellent vehicle, most often in the form of a large, bright car for toddlers who sit confidently and persistently learn to walk. Sitting on a comfortable seat, the baby will learn to maintain balance and develop its own maneuverability. Virtuoso control of a rolling machine is a task for the arms and legs of a tomboy, suitable for use indoors or outdoors. The child will confidently push off the ground, gracefully imitating the movements of the driver, parents can help him by pushing the vehicle with a passenger by the handle. The main criterion when choosing such a machine is the height of the baby, who in a sitting position should easily reach the floor with his legs in order to be able to push off the surface.

Trikes with a parent handle are an intermediate option between a buggy and a tricycle model. The child can pedal independently or ride as a passenger. For its convenience and safety, a comfortable seat, straps for fixation, footrest height adjustment, steering wheel with rubber inserts are provided. After this model, you can easily tame the three-wheeled version.

Babi cycles in FastDaddyShopWe form the ability to keep balance. A balance bike is required for this. Not all adults understand how important this stage is for preparing for the transition to a scooter, and then to a two-wheeled bicycle. Management of these means requires certain abilities and skills that neither a car nor a tricycle can form. A small driver needs to be able to balance, maintain balance, and have proper coordination of movements. Balance bike, according to parents, makes the transition to a scooter and two-wheeled bicycle much easier. The model does not have pedals, but moves thanks to the push of the legs. You can start at 2 years old, but for a start, the option with large rubber wheels is better. After the baby learns to confidently drive a balance bike, it will be easier for him to master a scooter, and then a two-wheeled bicycle.

Special children's transport. In this category, we include a scooter and a skateboard, which are used in various conditions. Today, a skateboard (a board with wheels) is used not only as a means of skating, but also as a device for performing various tricks. This group also includes electric cars and pedal machines. You can order various models in the Fast daddy online store!