Cots and cot beds

Cots and cobeds - the Impire of sweet dreams

Cots and cot beds in FastDaddyShopA permanent sleeping place for a newborn is a high-quality and safe children's bed that corresponds to the age and individual characteristics of a boy or a girl. The main criteria when choosing a bed for a baby should be quality materials, a strong bed structure, and the design of a children's bed.

The best option for newborns is a cradle or a bedside baby crib, but usually the child quickly "grows" out of it and parents have to look for a new bed.

Classic cots are constant favorites on the market for many years. Even these standard models have not escaped innovation. you can buy a standard crib on legs or on wheels. Classic modifications are designed for toddlers whose approximate age is up to 3 years. We are sure that caring parents have already asked: "What to do when the child starts to stand up in a swinging crib and may fall?". Just use the lock.

Oval cots are a current trend. Among the significant advantages is the ability to transform: if necessary, you can easily transform the model into a round, oval cot, or a convenient, comfortable sofa. With such a children's room accessory, there is no need to buy a playpen: an oval crib will be its perfect analogue. And high-quality manufacturing materials, perfect technology, safety and convenience will conquer the hearts of both children and their parents.

Transformer beds are ideal models for children from birth to 10 years old. The magic of transformations in reality: a roomy chest of drawers, a cradle bed and a teenage bed, a desk... Modification of transformers is almost the entire set of furniture for decorating the children's world. Reviews of satisfied customers are above all praise!

Teenage beds. Original models for almost adult children that will satisfy all the whims of even the most capricious princes or the most demanding princesses;

Children's bunk beds. An ideal solution for parents of twins or two children of different ages.

Toddler cotbeds and beds in FastDaddyShopChildren's furniture should contain as many natural components as possible to protect the child from the negative effects of harmful fumes and smells. When manufacturing children's beds, furniture factories most often use such natural wood, which is a safe, environmentally friendly material.

Popular, modern materials are MDF and chipboard, which are inexpensive compared to solid wood.

High-quality plastic combined with metal or wood can prove to be a good material for a children's bed. Special attention should be paid to the lower part of the bed - it should be made in the form of a lattice or mesh so that the bed "breathes".

 Each listed model is produced by manufacturers according to a standard size grid for the growth of a child of a certain age. This makes it easier for buyers to navigate the variety of products. Pay attention to the following indicators.

It is always necessary to remember that even the most beautiful furniture must be safe and comfortable for the child, not only from a technical point of view, but also from an environmental point of view. A few recommendations will help you decide before buying.

A children's bed should not have sharp corners. The most optimal option is rounded edges, which will help avoid accidental injuries.

Baby cribs, cots, cotbeds in FastDaddyShopKnots and materials from which the bed is assembled must be strong and tightly screwed, nailed, glued. Small children like to taste everything and may accidentally swallow a small part.

Plastic, even if there is a little of it, must be of high quality. Check the certificates and make sure that the grade level meets the safety standards and that the material does not emit formaldehyde.

Our online store offers only high-quality products that meet international standards and have certificates of conformity and a manufacturer's warranty.

It is profitable to cooperate with us! Our catalog is a large selection of beds for children of different ages: it is a bed for newborns and for schoolchildren. The price, photo and description of the main characteristics are indicated in the product card.

It is quite possible to buy a bed for a child from 6 years old at a low price. To do this, it is enough to use the "Sale" section, which presents models that are covered by attractive offers. This is a great opportunity to buy quality furniture for a children's room at an affordable price.

The FastDaddy online store has created favorable conditions for shopping to be simple and convenient - in our catalog we have collected a variety of furniture for every taste and budget.